We will be having an Antenna and Family Day on Saturday, 16-April at the Favor Dykes State Park. Doug (N4FPS) has graciously reserved the Pavillion, which is about 50 meters from the water, where there is also an elevated walkway from which we can fish and enjoy the water.

We are anticipating a session to learn about antennas, starting with construction and tuning of an Off-Center-Fed-Dipole (OCFD) for 80-10m which should be about 150-feet in length. That antenna will be installed at the Flagler EOC in the following weeks after the replacement coax is installed. After the OCFD, we’ll also experiment with various antennas, including a Buddi-Pole for barefoot portable HF operation, a Lil’Tarheel for 40-6m and a Butternut HF-9V vertical antenna which is rated to 2kw. We’ll do final construction and tuning of all the antennas, then be able to compare performance of each of the antennas.

We’ll have various HF radios available, including an Icom IC-7000, a Yaesu FT-100D, an Icom IC-7200 and others. We might even have an ACOM 1010 linear to provide us with up to 800w of power to bust-up pileups that might be on the bands. There are numerous HF contests running that weekend, so the bands should be busy and allow us to have a good time.

We’ll have the antenna session starting at about 10am and would like to invite entire families for a “Pot Luck” dinner starting at about 6pm onwards (kids of all ages are most welcome). No cost to join – just plan to bring a dish that can be shared.  We’ll plan to be out of the park before dark.

Please come and join us – we’d love to meet family members and just sit and relax in one of the most beautiful parks in the Flagler/St.Johns area.!!

Members of FPCARC and ARES  - please plan to  join us..!!