UPDATE – 12-November-2011 – the FT-857 is now SOLD, gonzo.. Charlie (KJ4TKA) got a great deal not his rig and will get years of enjoyment from it. Thanks Charlie..!!

UPDATE – 11-November-2011 – we have a tentative buyer for the FT-857 at the asking price (it’s a steal) – if anyone else is interested, please contact me today, otherwise I will deliver the unit to the first buyer by tomorrow (no pressure – it will sell, regardless). Thanks…

perfect shape – has never been used (that I can remember) – well, that’s not quite true. I TRIED to use this radio at one point, but the user interface is completely 180-degrees count-intuitive (to me). I’ll be the first to admit that I never really invested the time to learn how to use this radio – and that MANY people love this unit – both folks that I respect (WS1C) and others whom I don’t (un-named).
If you’re looking for a great All-in-One, Multi-Band and Multi-Mode 100-watt radio that goes from 160m to UHF, this is a great one to consider. This radio was intended for a go-kit, but never made it to an installation (one of many radios that I have with that honor). I have no need for this unit – and have never gotten accustomed to the Yaesu mobile interface for their 857/897 radios. As most of the older hams know, the Yaesu radios are known for having great HF receivers – and this one is no exception.

Selling this radio since it get’s no usage (plus, I’ve converted 100% to being an Elecraft-snob :D ). All standard accessories included, except that I don’t have the manual (just download it online). Asking $475. Guaranteed working and to full manufacturer’s spec. Already converted to PowerPole connectors.  All standard accessories included. Pictures below.

latest eBay auctions brought over $475 for this model in lesser condition, but I’d rather sell to a local ham looking to upgrade.

Pictures :