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First Look Video of the Icom ID-51 Dual Band

from our friend Nick (N1IC), who also did the unboxing video :

KF4EMV DSTAR Repeater on 444.975 +

Installed this afternoon in the south part of Flagler. Has very good coverage in Bunnell up as far north as the R-section of Palm Coast and very good coverage in Bunnell. No gateway connection yet – we’re waiting for the installation of an ethernet connection at the site, as well as the required ports to be opened by our hosts. In the meantime, you’re welcome to use it as a local talk-around machine.

Phil did most of the work on this install earlier this week, with the final touches being completed this afternoon. For those of you living on the south side, this will probably become your primary machine when it is connected to REF034C (or other reflector, as you might choose).

Palm Coast KA4RES Switching Frequency TOMORROW

sometime on Saturday 25-Feb-2012, we will be switching frequency of the KA4RES repeater to it’s proper frequency of 145.320 with a MINUS offset. All call-signs and routing will remain the same.

We have already prepared the back-up duplexer, so the effort only requires a swapping of the duplexer, along with reprogramming of the VHF module at the repeater site. We expect that this should be complete in less than 1 hour and will make an announcement before the effort starts (on the old frequency), as well as after it is complete (on the new frequency).


KA4RES Frequency Change on Sunday (UPDATED)

UPDATED on 19-Feb-2011 : this change will be made on Saturday 25-Feb-2011, due to the service outage of the Blog over the weekend – so as to allow more time for our users to get their radios programmed for the frequency change. A future blog-post will be schedule prior to the actual frequency change.

new frequency will be 145.320 MINUS offset (-600Khz)

all call-signs remain the same

This change will take place on SUNDAY, 19-Feb-2011 in order to move to our coordinate frequency.

All users in Palm Coast should already have their radios programmed for the new frequency.

We already have the new duplexer tuned, so all that is needed is to re-program the RP-2000V module for the new frequency, then swap the duplexer. The old duplexer (on 147.320) will become a spare, in case it is needed in the future.

If you have any problems with connecting on the new frequency, please contact any of the DSTAR gurus, such as Phil (K5BBC), Dave (KA4TXY), Tim (WA3QCV) or any of your D-Star friends (or me, as a last resort only because I’m always traveling).


KA4RES (Palm Coast) changing Frequency

some time in February, the KA4RES D-Star repeater in Palm Coast, FL will be changing frequency to 145.320 -600khz, while maintaining the same call-sign (for RPT1 and RPT-2). Over the last two years, we have been operating on a frequency for which we were not officially coordinated, since the current 147.320 frequency was used before we got official coordination.

Steve (KD4DNQ) and Rick (KC2HFL) will be retuning a replacement duplexer, after which we will swap the frequencies (the RF module is changed using a PC). The system should only be off the air for about 45 minutes as we bolt-on the new duplexer to the rack and reconnect the cables.

We’ll give a 7-day notice before the swap, but you can already program your radios for the new frequency and store the entry into a new memory.

JAX Beach – now on VHF

UPDATE from 4-Dec-2011 – from Scott (K2LSF)

As of 1300 Sunday12/4/11 the Jax Beach repeater is operational as VHF :

Frequency: 145.360
Call Sign: KJ4RYG
Your Call: CQCQCQ
RPT2: KJ4RYG G (if you want to utilize gateway services)


This morning, a group of the JAX DSTAR repeater support group, led by Scott (K2LSF), along with Phil (K5BBC) and Rick (KC2HFL) from Palm Coast successfully deployed the 2M RF stack from Big JAX to the JAX Beach location (it’s lower and a bit further to the east, compared to Big JAX).

All indications are that the system is doing well – coverage SHOULD be excellent, but that has not been confirmed yet (signal reports are welcome). There is one item which needs to be resolved tomorrow, which is the connection between the RF deck to the controller – a simple change which Scott will make in plugging the 2m RF deck into the proper RJ45 port to match port “C”.

The work today took less than 90 minutes – which was the time we allocated for the work. I was not able to go (planned absence), but I knew that the guys would be able to handle the job famously without me – and I was right. Having the trained and qualified crew to maintain the system is a huge blessing – thanks guys..!!

Contact Scott (K2LSF) if you have questions on the system in JAX Beach.

Florida D-Star Rag Chew Net – Tuesdays at 21:00

from our buddy Eddie :
Please remember to join us for The Florida D-STAR Rag Chew net on REF 034C every Tuesday evening at 2100 hrs local time. We will have a rotation of net control stations as well as guests from time to time in an informal setting to keep us current on D-STAR happenings and to answer questions for any people having operational difficulties.
As we have numerous hams now on Facebook I have created a group on Facebook. Please feel free to join the group and we will keep you up to date. Here is the link.
I am looking for a steady rotation of net control stations to keep this going. If you are interested in volunteering please email me at and we will work out a schedule. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. 73’s to all !!!
Eddie/KJ4LRB - Net Manager Florida D-STAR Rag Chew Net

Reminder – DSTAR Academy on July-30

In Mt. Dora – don’t miss it, as this should be the best Academy to date. We have invited a number of the Emergency Managers in the immediate region to participate in an ID-1 Network demonstration. This will be a first, since we’re planning on networking over 8 ID-1 units together to create a Wide-Area-Network (WAN) using just ID-1′s.

Registration at the door is $45.

There are three separate areas of instruction and demonstration planned for this event:

  1. The D-Starter session is for the newer D-Star users and will focus on the basics of programming the radios, Dongles / DVAPS, and D-Rats.
  2. The ID1 demonstration session is for county emergency management, EOC, Red Cross, hospital communications, and other non-governmental officials. There will be an extensive network of ID1 high speed data/voice Radios in place to demonstrate the effectiveness of this equipment during emergency situations.
  3. The SysOp session is for the more advanced D-Star users to meet with other users and have a question and answer session with the presenters as well as ICOM company officials that will be at the event. This group will also have the afternoon to work with the ID1 radios and networks that will be in place.

Some of the presenters who will be at the Academy are Ray Novak, N9JA of ICOM, Robin Cutshaw, AA4RC ( who will go over what’s new with Dongles and DVAPS ), John Davis, WB4ZDD and ED Woodrick, WA4YIH from Georgia D-Star ( ), Bob Jones, N6USP from North Brevard ARC, Paul Eakin, KJ4G, Donna Barker, WQ4M, Mike Lee,WB6RTH ( with his communications van ), and more.

There will be several communications vehicles set up in the parking lot that will be part of the ID1 demonstrations you can go through. Ray Novak is bringing his “ refrigerator” with all the ICOM D-Star equipment and we are planning to have portable repeater setups as well as go-kits available for you to examine.

A more detailed explanation of the D-Star Academy and what is planned is on line . We will accept checks or cash at the door the day of the event but the price at that time will be $ 45.00 and no lunch or refreshments will be provided

Ray Novak, National Amateur Marketing Manager for ICOM America is providing an IC-80 AD and the HM-168 GPS speaker microphone for our GRAND PRIZE.

To register , go to the Academy Registration : )

July 30th – DStar Academy

planning is been fast and furious – this is intended to be the best DSTAR event yet. If you’re even remotely interested in DSTAR, or what DIGITAL Data via radio can do for Emergency Manages, plan on attending. The flyer is below – click to enlarge.


Florida Rag-Chew Net results

from Net Control, Eddie Cail (KJ4LRB) – if you would like to assist in being net control, please contact eddie at KJ4LRB@ARRL.NET
The second edition of the Florida D Star Rag Chew Net was held 12-July-11 at 2100 hrs EST on reflector 34C There were 12 check ins. The net lasted 45 minutes. Check ins as follows.
NCS:          ALT:
Check Ins:
Paul announced the Mt.Dora D Star academy which will be held July 30th and registration is still open. Kyle announced the formation of Starnets and the procedures to check in. Eddie announced the need for net control stations for the Florida Hurricane net and The Florida D Star Rag Chew net.
.Questions And Discussions:
Questions about connecting directly to reflector verses repeater were asked an answered. Also questions were asked an answered about linking and unlinking to repeaters in regards to the different modules A-C. An informative discussion was also held on what to keep if anything in RPT2.
No training was scheduled for tonight’s net.